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Al Noor students excel in Cambridge AS and A level Exams

The Al Noor International School has once again fulfilled its promise to parents and extended its astonishing contribution to the academic excellence in the Kingdom of Bahrain by providing quality education in line with achieving the vision and mission of the School, and the Economic Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Bahrain that aims at achieving the highest level of education for the citizens and residents of Bahrain.

In the Cambridge AS level Examinations 2019, the students of Al Noor International School demonstrated exceptional performance, with 126A and 76B grades. In A level, the performance of students is very high with 22A*, 49A and 85B grades. In a significant number of AS and A level subjects, the school’s averages, for students securing Grades between A* and B and between A* and C grades, are well above the respective world averages. In A Level, ESHA FATHIMA and SAAD ALI, secured A* in all subjects.

Seven students secured A* and A’s in all subjects. These students are Abdullah Jaffer Khan, Hammad Kashif M Kashif Yousif, Naomi Barretto, Alesa Jobi Thaliath, Hasan Redha Mohammed Hasan Abdulaziz Aladraj, Jannat Akram Tanveer Mohammed Ekram, and Kottagodage Oshini Aishwarya Vidyamani Perera. In AS Level 22 students topped achieving straight A grades in all the three subjects.

They were Abdul Rafay Irfan, Farooq Mohamed Ameen, Muhammad Rafae Gill, Riad Shadi Barakat, Saurav Hazra, Javeria Sohail Ahmed Khan, Maryam Abdulrahman Alshaikh, Mostafa Hany Eltahawy, Puteri Arisya Diana Binti Aznir, Ali Emad Mohammed Ghuloom, Muneera Basem Almahmeed, Nazmeen Fatima, Zainab Sayed Husain Mohamed, Maher Ali Farooq Alqattan, Abd Elrahman Mohamad Fathy Sharaf, Hannah Ruth Gunasinghe, Hussain Talib Buhusayyen, Nancy Sayed Abdulmoniem Tantawy, Onosha Fatima, Wijeratne Mohandiramge Ushan Imasha Fernando, Youssef Mohamed Osman Ezzat and Maxine Zabat Salian The School Chairman, Mr Ali Hasan, congratulated the students on their accomplishments and wished them success in their future endeavours.

He thanked the Head Teachers, Coordinators and teachers of the school for the time and energy they devoted to the education of the students. Dr Muhammad Mashood the school Director congratulated the students for their hard work and achievement. These results demonstrate the positive impact that our focus on academic management and students’ performance has had.

We have a clear trend of improvement and look forward to seeing this continue in the future. The Principal, Mr Amin Mohammed Hulaiwah, praised the outstanding results obtained by the AS and A Level students and mentioned the school’s achievements during the course of the past academic year.