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Dental surgeon suspended for six months over ‘medical error’

The High Administrative Court has upheld the decision of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) to suspend a dentist for six months after he allegedly failed to provide necessary treatment to a woman. The latter suffered severe complications and she needed surgical intervention to prevent her teeth from falling, according to Prosecutors.

The doctor filed a case against NHRA’s disciplinary decision to suspend him for six months following his alleged blunder, which caused his patient to undergo treatment for a longer period. He pointed out that the patient didn’t follow the treatment plan and resorted to another doctor to remove the braces.

The court stated in its ruling that the doctor flopped in his endeavour to handle the woman’s case and he failed to deal with the complications arose during the treatment. It pointed out to the NHRA’s decision, which was taken unanimously by the probe panel.  The Department of Health care Professionals Regulations manages the registration and licensing, and renewal of licence for all practicing health professionals in the Kingdom.

Its function is to ensure that qualified, trained, and competent health care professionals practice in Bahrain to ensure the delivery of safe, trusted, high-quality and effective health care services. Credentials of professionals that enter the healthcare field are thoroughly assessed with respect to their knowledge, clinical skills and professional attributes that are necessary to practice here. Moreover, recognition of new medical specialties are evaluated and reviewed for the evidence based significance and safety profiles.

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