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Capital Governorate launches Manama Entrepreneurship Week

Under the patronage of Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, the Governor of Capital Governorate, the Governorate has launched “Manama Entrepreneurship Week” for the fifth year consecutively in partnership with the Labour Fund (Tamkeen). The main forum is scheduled to be held next Sunday at 4 pm at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The event targets 5,000 participants and includes 15 workshops and seminars in different locations in the province over five days.

They will be presented by more than 30 experts and specialists in the field of entrepreneurship from different countries around the world. In a statement marking the occasion, Shaikh Hisham said: “The continuation of the event’s organisation for the fifth year consecutively comes in the light of the successes achieved in the past years, with the previous editions gaining a great deal of attention from young people and business leaders, thanks to distinctive seminars and workshops by local and international experts with successful and inspiring experiences.

“Today, we are proud that this event has become an important forum for young entrepreneurs, both existing who want to level their projects up to wider horizons, and young entrepreneurs,” he said, pointing out that in each edition the province is working to keep pace with the latest advancements in the entrepreneurship sector. This will enable participants to learn about recent experiences and evaluate the best practices in the field.

This year’s events seminars and workshops are scheduled to include many themes in the field of entrepreneurship, such as the future of sustainability in Bahrain, innovation in modern technologies, and the empowerment of entrepreneurs to enter the global markets. The main forum also witnesses the organisation of the most innovative application competition in Bahrain, in cooperation with EBW 2020 and Batelco.

The winner will be announced by Ms Ingerd Vandervelt, a member of the United Nations Foundation’s entrepreneurship Council and Executive Chairman of EBW2020. Bahraini youth wishing to participate in this event can benefit from it in developing their existing projects or launching new projects by registering on the website: www.

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