Iran links found to online terror | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Iran links found to online terror

Accounts caught posting terrorist materials in the Kingdom through social media platforms were found to have direct links to terrorist elements in Iran, Qatar, Iraq and European countries. An investigation by the Director-General of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security found fugitives convicted in absentia here are also targeting the Kingdom from abroad.

The alarming findings emerged following a probe conducted by The Director-General of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security into social media accounts spreading seditious contents online.

The uncovered accounts and their activities, the Director-General said, were managed by Yousif Al-Muhafdha and Hassan Abdulnabi (Al Sitri ) - both fugitives living in Germany and Australia. Their activities, focused on implementing a systematic plan to defame the reputation of Bahrain and its people, seemingly emanated from fake accounts linked to Iran, Qatar, Iraq and some European countries such as France, Germany and Australia.

The investigation found that the accounts were interconnected and are backed by e-cells pumping false information from inside the country, and engaged in promoting their agenda. “The origin of those terror cells has been identified and the government is taking necessary legal steps,” the Director-General said.

The statement warned that legal actions will be taken against those posting illegal content or information on social media accounts to hampers “civil peace and social fabric”.

The director-general also stressed not to deal or interact with those accounts and networks to avoid accountability. The official called on citizens and social media users to be cautious when posting information and avoid reposting allegations and malicious rumours that harm security and civil peace.