Witnesses set to testify in embezzlement case | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Witnesses set to testify in embezzlement case

Prosecution witnesses will take the stand on October 21, 2018, to testify in the case of a senior official in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, who is accused of embezzlement. The defendant, a manager with a department in the ministry, has been put on trial over accusations of pocketing around BD23,000 after she was assigned to collect money from Bahraini citizens who received the financial support, although they weren’t eligible.

According to court files, the woman official was referred to investigations after she failed to hand over the entire amount collected by her to the finance department within the ministry. “Some of the citizens were paid the financial support between the years 2014-2016, although they weren’t eligible to receive it. They were asked to return the funds, and the defendant was responsible for collecting the money from them,” a source close to the case said. “The ministry was supposed to receive BD38,065, but there was a missing amount of BD23,390.” 

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