‘Islamic matchmaking’ event on September 23 in Bahrain
, Posted on 13-Sep-2017

‘Islamic matchmaking’ event on September 23 in Bahrain

ManamaWith the aim of making it easier for Muslim men and women to find a spouse, an ‘Islamic matchmaking’ event will be held here later this month, its organisers announced. 

Falaq, a social enterprise, will be organising the ‘Soul Seekers’ event on September 23. 

Organisers told DT News that approval was received from local religious scholars, who reviewed the plans and agenda of the event to ensure that it is Sharia (Islamic law) compliant. 

“Soul Seekers is a four hour marriage matchmaking event. The objective of this event is to make the matchmaking process convenient and easy for anyone who is seeking to find their ideal spouse for marriage. The event will be conducted in line with Islamic values and ethical principles keeping in mind the cultural sensitivities of this region,” said Falaq CEO Fahad Sarwani.

He said that those interested will need to register online in advance. 

The event will start with a brief workshop highlighting the process and rules of the event. This will be followed by Q&A roundtable sessions where trained facilitators will be asking predefined open-ended questions to every participant. This will give every participant the opportunity to observe and listen to the answers of the other participants. 

After completing the roundtable rotation process, each applicant can submit their top 3 choices based on their initial observations and impressions. 

The organisers will identify the perfect matches between applicants and will communicate the same to them accordingly giving them the option to move to step 3. 

The perfect matches will get an opportunity to talk to each other in person for 10 minutes in the presence of the legal guardian of the female applicant. 

Other applicants may also request to meet fellow applicants after reviewing their profiles, which will all be displayed on a dashboard for everyone to see. Interested candidates who wish to pursue the discussions further with their families can do so outside the event by requesting contact information from the organizers. For further information and registration, visit http://soulseekers.co/registration/ or call 39452484 or 33486448.

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