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Pakistan-Bahrain ties growing stronger

It gives me immense pleasure to convey heartfelt greetings to Pakistanis in Bahrain on the Independence Day of our beloved country. On this day in 1947, Pakistan emerged on the World Map as a sovereign state after untiring efforts of our nation under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan is blessed with tall mountains, lush green valleys, fresh water natural springs and rivers, plateaus, fertile plain farm lands, deserts and warm waters of the Arabian Sea. The country has natural resources like gold, copper, semi-precious stones and hydrocarbons.

Five seasons of Pakistan make it suitable to grow every type of fruit, vegetable and food grain. Pakistan is blessed with talented human resource which has proven its worth world over. Pakistan has produced outstanding scholars like Allama Mohammad Iqbal and Nobel Laureates such as Dr Abdul Salam and Malala Yousafzai. While our nation has been successful in developing infrastructure and putting in place basic industry, it still faces challenges of meeting growing energy needs and diversification of economy, including exports.

We are exploring new markets for our non-traditional exports such as traditional furniture, processed food, semi-precious stones, dates, olives, olive oil and honey. We take pride in the excellent work being done by the Overseas Pakistanis. They not only contribute to the well-being of the people of their countries of choice but also send much needed remittances back home. They are working as a bridge between Pakistan and its friends. Pakistanis in Bahrain are recognised as law abiding hardworking and friendly people.

They are our goodwill ambassadors and source of pride. Pakistan and Bahrain enjoy thousands of years old history of friendship and co-operation for the mutual benefit. The two help each other in different areas of mutual interest, collaborate at the regional level to ensure peace and security and closely consult each other at the international forums to align their policies. The friendship between our two nations is exemplary and without any irritants. I, as the Ambassador of Pakistan and friend of Bahrain try my best to intensify economic and commercial ties for a better common future. Frequency of forty two weekly Gulf Airline flights to almost all major cities of Pakistan is testimony to our fraternal relations and extensive interaction.

To bring our people further close, the Government of Pakistan has listed Bahrain among the countries having visa-on-arrival and online visa facility. I invite Bahraini friends to utilise the opportunity to explore history, natural beauty and hospitality offered by Pakistan. I wish the people of Bahrain and Pakistan continued peace, progress and prosperity on this special day. May Pakistan and Bahrain friendship live long!