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Look Good, Save Good: Go Bahraini!


Summer, the season of sun-kissed adventures and beach days, often ushers in a common concern: dry skin. As temperatures soar, the scorching sun can leave our skin parched, longing for tender, loving care.

While the go-to advice from doctors typically revolves around using moisturisers, a lingering question persists - why are these skincare essentials so exorbitantly priced? For those seeking well-hydrated skin, a 250-gram bottle of a reputable moisturiser can set you back a minimum of BD14.

Considering an average adult can exhaust this supply within a week, the monthly expenditure for full-body moisturising can quickly escalate to BD30 to BD45. It’s a significant investment for a basic skincare regimen.

In my quest for more budget-friendly alternatives, I embarked on a journey of skincare exploration. This expedition led me to a fascinating revelation - the remarkable potential of locally sourced options.

One such choice, often overlooked, is coconut oil. It’s readily available and deeply nourishing, although some may find its distinct aroma less appealing. Digging deeper into this beauty conundrum unveils a treasure trove of ingenious homemade moisturiser recipes featuring milk, honey, and avocado as their illustrious protagonists.

These natural wonders not only quench the skin’s thirst but also add a touch of luxury to your daily skincare routine, all without the weighty price tag.

The pressing question arises: Why not kindle the flames of entrepreneurship by establishing startups in Bahrain to craft a range of indispensable products, including bathing soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, talcum powder, and, of course, moisturisers?

It’s high time we consider creating these necessities within our communities, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Envision a world where we can pamper our skin without depleting our bank accounts, all while fostering local businesses and upholding sustainability.

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