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Should Bahrain airport consider replacing old toilets with smart, self-cleaning ones?

By P. Unnikrishnan

My son appeared somewhat annoyed after using the public toilet at Cochin International Airport.

Before I could inquire, he whispered, "It’s time to get in touch with Elon Musk." Intrigued, I leaned in, eager to understand his thoughts.

"Don’t you think tech magnets like Elon Musk have yet to address commonplace dilemmas like self-cleaning toilets?

I agreed with a nod. We were at an Indian airport, waiting for our upcoming flight.

This scene is universally recognised—even those without OCD grab extra tissues to sanitise the toilet seat.

And what about those tricky toilet seat covers that refuse to stay in place? Most of the time, we struggle to press them down with our feet.

Why has everyone yet to invent a toilet seat that cleans itself after use or a pedal for easy lifting and lowering?

My investigation led me to an unexpected realisation: numerous futuristic lavatories, each promising to conquer these age-old problems.

"It’s time for Bahrain airport authorities to consider replacing old toilets with smart self-cleaning toilets and to become the first airport with 100% auto-cleaning facilities!" The puzzle of chilly airport environments is also another significant concern.

During long waits in airport lounges, I often sought warmth under a blanket to counter the intense cold.

I usually prefer to consume more meat and wear a jacket to tackle such issues, especially on night flights.

A separate room for people with cold intolerance will be conducive for such passengers, including the elderly.

Whenever I arrived in Bahrain, a kingdom rich in diversity and wonder, I found myself in its splendid airport, where immigration officers greeted travellers with welcoming smiles.

They exude a kindness that transcends borders, showing hospitality to every traveller.

Yet, even in this tranquil setting, challenges persist. Upon disembarking, the urge to quickly pass through immigration encounters an unexpected obstacle: luggage wheels struggling with unyielding carpeting.

Many travellers carry their bags rather than deal with the resistant rug, highlighting a dilemma: should carpets represent luxury, or should practicality and ease prevail?

This narrative is woven with consideration for functionality.

While carpets exude elegance, they succumb swiftly to the wear of casual footwear, transitioning from opulence to eyesore.

You may have faced similar issues.

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P Unnikrishnan Chairman and Managing Director of The Daily Tribune