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A Friday Brunch in all its Grandeur at Four Seasons Hotel - Eats & Treats by Tania Rebello

The weather is getting great in Bahrain ! Pleasant, sunny afternoons decorated by gentle breeze would certainly generate a yearning to head out for some delicious creations.

And a hungry belly would add on to it a ‘must factor’ enjoy a delectable Friday brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The regality begins as you stroll down the spiral stairway leading to the Bahrain Bay Kitchen. This is where the glamorous festivities make their appearance.


Bold trumpet tunes and familiar songs played by the live entertainers set the vibe for a long afternoon.

As I was seated, a friendly duo made their way to my table. I was offered water and bubbly. A glance around the venue is all it took to draw me to the fabulous buffet.

The layout is uncomplicated and there is ample space to move around between counters.

Although the restaurant was fully booked, every counter was easily accessible and there was no rush to get what was required.

The place is cool and comfortable. The team’s incredible eye for detail has always grabbed my attention.

Presentation is the key and the Four Seasons has unlocked and uplifted the whole experience with its attention to detail.


I began my brunch experience with a wild mushroom soup, which was prepared with a delectable combination of fresh mushrooms that provided a strong, earthy mushroom flavor.

Bits of mushroom were added for texture and the thickness of the soup was just right.

I headed for the seafood counter where a variety of seafood was served. This counter is a haven for seafood lovers to enjoy unlimited portions of oysters, mussels, lobsters and shrimp.

I Presentation is the key and the Four Seasons has unlocked and uplifted the whole experience with its attention to detail was particularly drawn towards the beautifully prepared sushi that was meticulously arranged. They had a ceviche counter too. 

I plated up some blanched shrimps and lobster, tempura shrimp, crispy crab roll and California maki that were fresh and delicious. When you visit the Four Seasons, you do not want to miss the soft and scrumptious bao and steamed dumplings.

They are so good! Mesmerizing medleys of colors were evident in the selection of salads that were on display. A vibrant mix mezza was available but the hummus with a surprising hint of basil needs a special mention.

The rocca salad with citrus looked fresh and inviting as did the colorful quinoa salad.

The hearty lentil salad and fattoush looked delicious too. A live noodle station was a particular favorite among the guests as the chef was dishing out tasty hand pulled noodles that were tossed with a selection of sauces and a variety of fresh ingredients such as mushrooms, prawns, chicken, beef and crunchy vegetables.

The dish was entirely customizable as guests could select the sauces, protein and type of noodles. I opted for udon noodles, oyster sauce and a combination of vegetables and thinly sliced beef. 


The chewy udon noodles absorbed the aromatic oyster sauce perfectly. Crunchy vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and scallions added to the freshness and texture of the dish and the tender beef tied everything together into a perfect bite.

Several artisan bread were displayed along with a large variety of cheese and crackers but I was saving room for the carving station. So, I headed right to it.

I began with a generous slice of rump, a sliver of brisket, roast chicken, short ribs and BBQ sauce. The rump was very tender and paired perfectly with the roast potatoes.

The BBQ sauce was probably the best I have had thus far and served as the ideal accompaniment to the brisket and roast chicken.

The short ribs were unbelievably tender, juicy and scrumptious with an extraordinary glaze. This dish deserved an applause. I tried the seabass with lemon butter sauce and it was faultless. 


The fish was well seasoned, tender and flakey while the sauce was well balanced. They had a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at the Indian counter.

The chicken tikka was particularly impressive. It was juicy, well marinated and delightful. I wanted to try out the lamb biryani and gobi manchurian but this is where I made a conscious decision to do justice to the extravagant dessert display.

The dessert station was so appealing. I was impressed by the variety of showstopper desserts that were on display. Executive Pastry Chef Emad Hasan explained about the various desserts with a broad smile as he cut me a generous slice of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.


 Each dessert was meticulously prepared with the utmost attention. I gazed with anticipation at the single portions of crème brulee, peach mille-feuille, gorgeous berry tarts, saffron rice pudding, chocolate mousse, sticky toffee pudding, red velvet cake and Arabic sweets such as baklava, maamoul and mini kunafas.

I realized at this point that I needed to make a choice although I would have loved to try each one of these delights. So, in addition to the chocolate cake, I plated up a praline dessert and a slice of Japanese cheesecake.

The chocolate cake was one of the most delicious and indulgent cakes with multiple layers of moist, ultra-chocolatey cake layers and rich, thick layers of chocolate ganache. 


The praline dessert had a light and smooth praline hazelnut mousse. Japanese cheesecake was light and airy with a mildly tangy lemon curd. Look out for their saffron rice pudding, which is my favorite.

They also had chocolate fountains with mini cakes and fruits which was great for kids and adults alike. Do not skip dessert at this brunch or you will regret it because each dessert is a masterpiece filled with flavor.

I finished off my meal with a dulce de leche ice cream and a hot cup of green tea. This brunch encourages families to get together.

They have a whole section for kids with tasty food options such as mac and cheese, broccoli, mini sliders as well as some spring rolls and fries. A popcorn station and ice cream counter is also available. Whether you choose to enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors, this brunch is a sheer delight.

The team is energetic, friendly and attentive and they will ensure that your experience is one to cherish until your next visit. Booking a table in advance is highly recommended, as the Friday brunch at the Four Seasons is in huge demand.

The brunch is priced at BD 35 including soft drinks and BD 48 for the extended beverage package. Contact 17115500 for reservations or send an email to diningreservations.bahrain@ fourseasons.com