Students of the first cohort from the College of Engineering at Applied Science University talk about their unique experience at the university | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Students of the first cohort from the College of Engineering at Applied Science University talk about their unique experience at the university

From the United Kingdom to the kingdom of Bahrain, Applied Science University set the foundation for a strong strategic partnership with London South Bank University to offer distinguished academic programs that promote creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship at its College of Engineering.

The partnership between the two prestigious institutions focuses primarily on meeting the needs of the Bahraini labor market and supplying it with competent graduates that can compete in a changing work environment and can contribute to the society and to their communities.

In this context, a number of ASU students from the College of Engineering reflect on their experiences at the College and talk about how their academic journey impacted them positively both academically and personally.

Mr. Adam Fouad, a fourth-year civil engineering student, believes that his study experience at the college was very positive, as the experience he had during his four years at the university added a lot to his professional and academic life, and helped him build his personal identity and practical orientations after graduation, noting that the possibility to obtain a British degree while studying in Bahrain was his goal for a long time since he was at school, since he received his primary education at a British school.

As for Mrs. Hawraa Murad, who specializes in Architectural Engineering, she said that her study experience at the College gave her a sense of accomplishment, noting that she lived a wonderful university life and that she enjoyed the experience with her classmates very much. She added that studying a British curriculum to get a degree in architectural engineering helped her acquire deep knowledge and key skills in her field of specialization which will help her excel at work after Graduation. The program is indeed designed to help students develop both their theoretical knowledge and practical abilities in order to give them a competitive edge once they join the workforce after graduation.

The student Omar Al-Hadi, who specializes in Civil Engineering, points out that his study experience was very enriching and rewarding as it gave him the opportunity to obtain a British Bachelor of Engineering that meets the requirements of the labor market. In particular, he highlighted the facilities, equipment, and support available for the students, in addition to the presence of qualified and very supportive academic and administrative staff members that hold degrees and certificates from reputable international institutions.

Mrs. Fatima Qambar, a fourth-year student in Architectural Engineering, says that she has gained a great deal of experience from her studies, noting that the engineering programs offered by ASU in partnership with London South Bank University present a balance between practice and theory, and between engineering and design topics. In addition, the programs are taught using modern pedagogies and the latest teaching techniques and methods, with a particular focus on critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation.

Mr. Muhammad al-Abbasi, a Civil Engineering student, says that words do not do justice to the university when it comes to the experience that it gave him as a student. He further explains that the university provided him with academic and professional experience that helped him develop life skills, pointing out that the distinguished academic programs at the College of Engineering offered in partnership with one of the most prestigious British universities open up whole new opportunities for the graduates and equip them with what it takes to succeed in today’s labor market.

Last but not least, Mr. Youssef Yassin, a Civil Engineering student, says that the College of Engineering has provided him with everything he needs to succeed since the first year he joined the university, noting that he has worked really hard over the past four years because the academic programs at the College challenge the students in a formative and enriching way. Indeed, he praised the academic and administrative staff at the College who helped him live a  unique and distinguished educational experience which constantly encouraged him to double his efforts and do better to excel and succeed.