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Tamkeen extends employment and wage increment support to over 80 employees at Al Kindi Hospital

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The Labour Fund Tamkeen announced employment and wage increment support for more than 80 Bahraini employees at Al Kindi Hospital, as well as its facilitation of the hospital’s growth over the next two years through the Business Growth Program.

In line with its partnership with private sector institutions to advance healthcare, one of the largest contributors to national economic growth, Tamkeen’s support for Al Kindi Hospital fosters the expansion of private sector enterprises, as well as provides more qualitative job opportunities for Bahraini talent in this promising sector.

Facilitating the creation of quality job opportunities for Bahrainis in this high potential sector, Tamkeen’s is assisting with the career prospects of the hospital’s staff through both the National Employment Program (NEP) and the Wage Increment Program.

Launched in November, these programs will support 50,000 Bahrainis by increasing their wages, boosting the recruitment channels available to them, and providing expanded career development programs and job market-oriented training.

Tamkeen covers 100% of wage increments for Bahraini employees over a 24-month period and also provides specialized training for Bahrainis ready to assume leadership positions.


Meanwhile, the Business Growth Program is designed to assist established enterprises with expanding their operations, introducing new services, increasing productivity, and ensuring sustainability.

Tamkeen’s support for Al Kindi Hospital includes a range of improvements, such as recently launched Intensive Care Unit and ambulance services, and enhanced critical care and surgery facilities. Additionally, the hospital will renovate its radiology unit by adding state-of-the-art fluoroscopy systems, and upgrading its diagnostic precision and overall technological capabilities.

Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, Her Excellency Ms. Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez, said, “The private healthcare sector is essential for sustainable economic growth, contributing 1.16% to Bahrain’s GDP during the third quarter of 2023.

With a 15,000-strong workforce, it offers significant opportunities for innovation, value generation, and the employment of Bahraini talent. Through this partnership with Al Kindi Hospital, we are enhancing local workforce engagement and professional development in this crucial sector. The goal is to drive national growth and improve quality of life.”


Al Kindi Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ibtesam Al-Dalal, added, “We deeply appreciate Tamkeen’s support, which is enabling us to expand our services, improve our facilities, and purchase advanced technologies and equipment.

This collaboration will also help us retain, empower, and further motivate our Bahraini employees, while helping them to excel in their healthcare careers. We reaffirm our commitment to promoting innovation, contributing to the development of national skills, and shaping the future of this critical sector.”

Founded in 2008, Al Kindi Hospital emerged as a leading provider of private healthcare services in the Kingdom. The facility holds prestigious accreditations from both Joint Commission International and Bahrain’s National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), which attest to its dedication to upholding the highest quality standards and delivering patient-centric care.

Tamkeen remains dedicated to supporting private sector enterprises that demonstrate commitment to supporting the development of the national workforce and expanding their own operations.

Strategic priorities

This aligns with Tamkeen’s 2024 strategic priorities focused on economic impact and sustainable development under three pillars: increasing economic participation through new employment opportunities for new entrants, expanding career development opportunities available to the Bahraini workforce, and further developing the private sector by supporting enterprises and boosting productivity and the adoption of technology.