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Singularity Finance eyes MENA markets, Bahrain main focus

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Singularity Finance, based in the UAE & Egypt and Co-Founded by CEO Mohamed Taysir, is a new Fintech payment solutions provider tackling Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development with new and innovative solutions leveraging the latest technologies, including Blockchain, AI, IOT, and more.

The company’s Sharia-compliant financial offerings include a neo-banking platform, Singularity, a non-custodial digital assets Wallet, Singularity Crypto, a B2B Platform connecting SMEs and micro-businesses to Global and Local Suppliers as well as Financiers, Dabarhali, and a Software Point of Sale payments solution, Singularity SPOS.

Singularity Finance is not seeking to replace banks or the existing financial system; rather, “we want to collaborate with financial institutions to enhance their offerings through a win/ win model. Through these partnerships, we have an opportunity to uplift millions of people’s lives and allow them to realize their full potential” Taysir commented.

Singularity Finance was a sponsor of the 2nd Royal Investment Summit that was held in the UAE, “It was a great experience, and we are truly honoured to have been able to speak at such an event to showcase Singularity Finance. I would like to thank The Private Office of H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz bin duaij bin khalifa al khalifa who are ttruly set on making an impact in the region and the world by empowering innovative companies, startups and pioneers.”

In terms of expansion plans, Taysir added, “We intend to expand to several markets in the MENA region, with Bahrain being our main focus as a primary jurisdiction.” Beyond that, Singularity Finance has a global outlook for its expansion ambitions and hopes to be operational throughout Africa and the world. Singularity Finance aspires to be the region’s and the world’s first Shariah-compliant Blockchain Digital Bank.