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Do not disclose banking data: Bahrain Association of Banks

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The Daily Tribune –

Consumers should never disclose their personal or banking data in any way except when necessary and through reliable channels, said the Bahrain Association of Banks. All should “realize the significance of preserving their personal and banking data” to avoid falling prey to cyber-attacks, said BAB.

The association further stressed the need to educate elderly-people who are not familiar with modern technologies on this critical issue and called on financial and banking institutions to employ the latest electronic data protection systems.

“We are coordinating with the banking and relevant bodies such as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to prevent fraud and impersonation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, in light of the increasing use of digital communication.

”Adnan Ahmed Yousif, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Association of Banks, said the association is taking up the responsibility of holding awareness campaigns on preserving privacy. “But it’s natural for cyber-attacks to increase, especially in light of the increasing reliance on digital channels to transfer money.

Cybercriminals constantly develop their tools and fraudulent methods, in exchange for banks increasing layers of protection for their networks and electronic systems,” Yousif warned. Dr Waheed Al Qassim, the CEO of BAB, said they investigate complaints claiming that bank accounts were compromised.

“But investigation finds that the user was lenient on preserving his data, or that he committed a mistake during transferring money or paying to another party.” “One of the most crucial things that the users must avoid is responding to phone calls and messages received through smartphone applications that claim to represent a bank and ask for any personal data,” he said.

“No bank will request any personal data through phone calls.” Dr Al Qassim said the association is all set to launch a campaign to enhance awareness on data-confidentiality and secure financial transactions.


Adnan Ahmed Yousif


Dr Waheed Al Qassim