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Minister of Social Development Honors 'Ebdaa' and CEO Dr. Al-Ghazzawi for Outstanding Contributions

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His Excellency Mr. Osama bin Ahmed Khalaf Al Asfoor, Minister of Social Development, formally acknowledged Ebdaa Microfinance Company - Bahrain for its valuable contributions to the Bahraini community since its establishment in 2009.

The company has been instrumental in providing soft loans, especially to low-income families, women, and young individuals, empowering them to initiate and expand their businesses.

At the inauguration of the second Gulf International Conference on Social Responsibility, Minister Al-Asfoor bestowed a prestigious award upon Dr. Khalid Al-Ghazzawi, the CEO of Ebdaa Microfinance Company. This recognition highlights Dr. Al-Ghazzawi's exceptional dedication to serving the Kingdom of Bahrain, fostering the growth of the microfinance sector, promoting financial inclusivity, and actively participating in national development programs.

Dr. Al-Ghazzawi conveyed his gratitude for the esteemed recognition, emphasizing Ebdaa Microfinance Company - Bahrain's steadfast dedication to supporting the Kingdom of Bahrain's ambitious national visions, and underscored the company's prioritization of sustainability and social responsibility, highlighting the integration of Bahrain's newly adopted international standards, including those for social responsibility, into the company's operational framework.

Dr. Al-Ghazzawi further noted that Ebdaa Microfinance's participation in and support for the Gulf International Conference on Social Responsibility aligns with the company's unwavering commitment to sustainable development principles and the promotion of positive social and environmental practices in Bahrain, and also emphasized the pivotal role that corporate social responsibility plays in bolstering the national economy and enhancing the services that institutions provide to society.