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UTB engineering students innovate eco-friendly car

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A group of mechatronics engineering students from the University of Bahrain Technology (UTB) has unveiled an eco-friendly car, marking a pioneering step in developing a transport vehicle that leverages diverse sources of renewable energy.

This innovative design incorporates four distinct methods of power generation: electricity, solar power, wind turbines utilizing magnetic fields, and a generator integrated into the rear wheels.

The primary objective of this project is to create a sustainable and technologically advanced means of transportation that reduces the negative impact associated with traditional vehicles by eliminating reliance on fossil fuels.

The most innovative aspect of this design is the integration of wind turbines that harness magnetic field power to generate electricity as the car moves.

The students explained that the idea came from their early university studies and their experiences as working students. This background helped them apply theoretical knowledge in practical ways.

The university emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience, fostering the implementation of students’ ideas and projects.

According to the project owners – Omar Murad, Abdulrahman Alqaseer, Mohammed Meshkhas and Hamad Janahi – their creation is an initial prototype.

They are ambitious about the future of car technologies and hope to expand this experience with a dedicated production line featuring advanced capabilities.

They extend their gratitude to everyone who supported them in executing the project