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BTEA Spearheads Tourism Boost

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The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) hosted a dynamic workshop, uniting 100 representatives from various sectors including travel agencies, destination management companies, and hospitality establishments from across Bahrain.

The aim was to acquaint them with the abundant tourism prospects within the Chinese market and discern the preferences of Chinese travelers.

Graced by the presence of esteemed figures such as H.E. Sarah Ahmed Buhijji, CEO of BTEA, H.E. Ni Ruchi, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Bahrain, along with key officials in the tourism domain and Mr. Marcus Li, CEO of China Ready, the workshop marked a significant step towards fostering fruitful collaborations.

In her speech, the CEO of BTEA emphasized the significance of forging new avenues in tourism with China and underscored the pivotal role of the China Ready program in amplifying efforts to attract more Chinese tourists to Bahrain.

H.E. Buhijji stated: “This initiative, is rooted in a deep understanding of Chinese culture and customs, coupled with staying attuned to evolving tourism trends.

Such strategic alignment is in congruence with the objectives outlined in Bahrain’s Tourism Strategy (2022-2026), where China stands out as a key focal point owing to its status as one of Bahrain’s most promising tourism markets amidst its dynamic economic growth.”

The workshop aligns perfectly with Gulf Air’s upcoming milestone: the launch of direct flights linking Manama to Shanghai and Guangzhou in China.

This strategic move is poised to open new doors for tourism by attracting fresh groups of travelers from the world’s largest inbound tourism market, the People’s Republic of China.

Moreover, Bahrain proudly joins the ranks of 51 other nations worldwide in introducing the “China Ready” program.

This initiative, a comprehensive training program, is designed to empower tourist destinations and service providers globally with the insights necessary to cater effectively to the needs of Chinese visitors.


Attractive destination

By participating in this program, Bahrain aims to position itself as an attractive destination for Chinese tourist groups, further enhancing its appeal in the international tourism landscape.

During the workshop, Mr. Marcus Li, CEO of China Ready, delved into the program’s key facets and its multitude of benefits.

Established in 2002, this initiative has garnered global acclaim, extending its reach to 52 countries across six continents. Remarkably, it encompasses over 25% of the world’s travel destinations.

The sessions of the workshop covered an array of topics, including an introduction to the coveted “China Ready” certification, an insightful exploration of Chinese history, society, customs, traditions, and culture, as well as an analysis of the evolving trends among Chinese tourists.


Collaborative efforts

Mrs. Maryam Toorani, Director of Marketing and Promotion Directorate at BTEA, affirmed the Authority’s collaborative efforts with stakeholders in the tourism sector to actively engage with tour operators, destination management companies, and travel agencies in the People’s Republic of China.

The overreaching goal is to promote the Kingdom of Bahrain as a premier destination for Chinese visitors, crafting tailor-made packages and refining tour programs to cater specifically to this demographic.

Additionally, Mrs. Toorani highlighted the special arrangements in place for China Gulf Air travelers, affording them exclusive hotel reservations and access to a diverse array of tourist activities and events, ensuring a memorable experience during their visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain.