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Focus on wells in Bahrain

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Plans are underway to conduct a comprehensive inventory of the Kingdom’s groundwater wells. A tender, launched by the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture, aims to update existing data and integrate technical information into the software utilised by the Local Agricultural Production Directorate (LAPD).

The process will involve identifying and cataloguing all groundwater wells across Bahrain, including gathering essential technical data related to each well such as depth, water quality, and location coordinates.

Through this initiative, the nation aims to ensure the sustainable management of groundwater reserves, thereby supporting agricultural productivity and environmental conservation efforts.

The closing date for receiving bids is June 5th, 2024. A mandatory initial bond of BD1,000 is required for all bids.

The ministry offers a 12-month contract to the successful bidder.

The Daily Tribune has earlier reported that there are a total of 2,660 unmonitored wells in the Kingdom.