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East Sitra Water Distribution Station Project: Bids reach BHD 15 Million

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The newly planned water station in East Sitra is expected to cost around BHD 15 million, according to bids received for the project.

The tender board reported that four bidders participated, with quotes ranging between BHD 13,625,568.000 and BHD 15,619,614.000.

The bidders include Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al Kharafi & Sons for General Trading General Contracting and Industrial Structures, Panorama Contracting & Engineering Service, Ahmed Mansoor AlAali B.S.C. Closed - Structural and Mechanical Division, and Tecton Engineering and Construction Branch Office.

The tender was issued for the construction of a new water distribution station at the East Sitra Housing Project.

The project involves the construction of a state-of-theart station equipped with cutting-edge facilities.

It will feature two ground storage tanks with a capacity of 5 MG each, alongside an elevated storage reservoir capable of holding 1 MG of water.

Notably, the roofs of all ground storage tanks will be specially designed to accommodate solar panels for power generation.

Additionally, the elevated storage reservoir will be adorned with solar panels and aluminium panels, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

The station will also house a pumping station furnished with essential equipment such as pumps, motors, switchgear, and other associated machinery.

Importantly, the station is designed to operate unmanned, with connectivity to the Water Control Centre (WCC).

This integration will enable comprehensive control and monitoring of the station’s operations, ensuring efficient and effective water distribution management.

The project aligns with the nation’s commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores its dedication to advancing infrastructure development for the benefit of its citizens.