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Mediterranean emerges prime summer destination for Bahraini travellers

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

As Bahrainis eagerly plan their summer holidays with friends and family, the Mediterranean has emerged as the top destination of choice.

With the official start of the summer break in July, most expats return to their home countries, while locals embark on explorations of different countries.

The summer break presents an opportune time for parents to spend quality moments with their children, as schools temporarily close for the season. Mr. Shariq Karbari, Head of Vacanza Global, The Holiday Division of Travel Knits, shared his insights with The Daily Tribune.

He stated, “Thailand, Turkey, Greece, and Europe are the most sought-after destinations during the summer season. However, the Mediterranean tends to attract more visitors during this time.”

Karbari also noted that people are making advance bookings to secure cheaper cruise and accommodation rates, which tend to be higher during the summer season. Travel agencies are experiencing a surge in activity and are offering special deals for summer vacations.

Personal recommendation

When asked about his personal recommendation for locals, Karbari mentioned Goa, India, as a popular destination. “Goa offers a variety of beaches, delicious seafood, and numerous activities to enjoy during the summer season,” he added.

Furthermore, Karbari highlighted the popularity of summer camps among travellers.