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Bahraini mother launches book club to fight digital addiction in kids

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

In response to mounting concerns regarding the negative impact of excessive screen time on young children’s language skills, Mrs. Hanan Marhoon, a Bahraini mother of two, has taken a proactive stance by offering a solution to combat addiction to electronic devices.

Her initiative, chaptersbyhanan, is a book club aimed at promoting a love for traditional books and reducing screen time among children.

A recent study conducted by the University of Adelaide in Australia revealed that children between the ages of three and 10, who spend an average of 172 minutes per day in front of screens, are missing out on learning approximately 1,000 words.

This alarming statistic has sparked a wave of concern among parents and educators, prompting them to seek alternatives that foster healthy habits and promote language development. Mrs. Marhoon, the founder of chaptersbyhanan, believes that the book club serves as a valuable antidote to excessive screen time in today’s digital era.

“In today’s digital era, where smartphones and tablets dominate, the kids’ book club serves as a valuable antidote to excessive screen time by promoting a love for traditional books.

By providing a tangible and immersive reading experience, we offer children a refreshing alternative to digital devices,” she states to The Daily Tribune.


Passion for literature

The book club is designed to captivate children’s imaginations and instill a passion for literature through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and exciting field trips. With a curated selection of chapter books suitable for ages 7 and up, chaptersbyhanan caters to children’s interests while ensuring alignment with cultural sensitivities.

“We carefully curate the books available for our young members, prioritising content that resonates positively with our audience while providing enriching and age-appropriate material,” Mrs. Marhoon adds.

To enhance the reading experience, the club also offers activity books with a variety of tasks such as colouring, cutting, word puzzles, word searches, and finding the differences.


Fruitful collaborations

Recognising the importance of partnerships, chaptersbyhanan has established fruitful collaborations with esteemed bookstores in Bahrain.

The club’s journey began at Sofia, a bookstore located in the enchanting alleys of Muharraq. Subsequently, they transitioned to Jarir Bookstore, a renowned establishment originating from Saudi Arabia and now enriching Bahrain.

Mrs. Marhoon’s motivation to establish the book club stemmed from her daughters’ love for books. “With a profound love for books ingrained in me since childhood, I yearned for my daughters to share this passion.

Initiating their literary journey at a young age proved fruitful as they blossomed into avid readers. Witnessing my eldest daughter exchanging books with her friends sparked the idea of establishing a book club for them,” she shares.

As concerns over the adverse effects of excessive screen time on children’s language skills continue to grow, initiatives like chaptersbyhanan offer a promising solution.