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Tailors in Bahrain race against time to meet Eid orders

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

As the month of Ramadan draws to a close, tailors across the Kingdom are finding themselves in a whirlwind of activity as they strive to fulfill an unprecedented number of orders. Many seasonal tailors are working extra hours, racing against the clock to complete dresses for men, women, and children in time for Eid.

Tailoring shop owners have reported receiving approximately twice the number of orders they typically handle on regular days. Some have even reached their capacity and have decided not to take any more orders after the 22nd or 23rd day of Ramadan.

Customers are flocking to the tailoring shops, requesting a variety of garments including shirts, pants, Thobes, shalwar kameez, pajamas, three-piece suits, and two-piece outfits. The surge in orders has caused tailors to put in extra effort, resulting in increased charges for stitching services.

Junaid, a tailor at Fadel Tailoring, stated, “I used to close orders during the second Ashra of Ramadan, but this time I took orders until the last day, with double charges to compensate for the additional workload.”

He added, “Business is always good around Eid. In fact, this is the only time we make some profit compared to other months.”

Timely completion

Junaid advised customers to bring their clothes for stitching early, suggesting that men should visit during the first week of Ramadan to ensure the timely completion of their garments.

Syed Jaleel, another tailor, expressed his inability to handle any more orders due to the overwhelming number of Eid requests. “We are only two people working in a small shop, and we are already overburdened,” he explained.

“We simply don’t have the space or manpower to accommodate more orders.” For alterations, Jaleel charges BD1.5 while stitching an entire dress, regardless of its type, costs customers between BD5 to BD6.

Pakistani-style dresses

Meanwhile, one of the oldest tailor shops in Gudaibiya, owned by Mr. Saeed, is experiencing an influx of demand for Pakistani-style dresses.

“This year, many women are desiring to wear Pakistani-style dresses, and even some Arabs are showing interest in that fashion,” Mr. Saeed shared. Having witnessed the hectic schedule of Ramadan year after year for over 15 years, he emphasised the consistent demand during this period. With Eid festivities just around the corner, the tailors are determined to deliver exquisite garments to their patrons in time for the joyous occasion.