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Bahraini MP calls for human rights safeguards on AI threats

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MP Mahdi Al Showaikh emphasised the critical need to penalise AI systems that pose a threat to human rights. In an address to a meeting with committee on Democracy and Human Rights on the sidelines of the 148th IPU Assembly in Geneva, Al Showaikh underscored the importance of putting in place apt legislative protections to preserve these fundamental rights.

He highlighted the urgent need to plug the legal gaps pertaining to the collection, storage, and sharing of user data, hoping to guarantee accountability and openness in these processes.

Another crucial aspect stressed by Al Showaikh was the significance of enacting comprehensive legislation to combat disinformation effectively.

He underlined the urge to establish robust mechanisms of supervision to regulate the dissemination of disinformation and lessen its detrimental effects on society.

By solidifying the legal framework surrounding AI systems and user data, and by taking decisive action against disinformation, MP Mahdi Al Showaikh is advocating for a more responsible and rights-respecting approach to AI technology and its possible ramifications.