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Young Bahraini man victorious in court case against car accessories shop

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A young Bahraini man recently emerged victorious in a legal battle against a car accessory shop after his 2009 luxury car underwent extensive damage and disassembly in a different location than where he had entrusted it for renewal.

The man had initially agreed with the shop, providing them with the vehicle and an agreed-upon sum of BD2,500.

To his dismay, the man found his car in a state of disrepair, with its internal components completely dismantled, rendering it inoperable.

He promptly reported the incident to the authorities and accompanied the police to recover the vehicle, which was subsequently transported to another garage for repairs.

The costs incurred for repairing the damages resulting from neglect amounted to BD780. In the meantime, the man had to resort to renting a temporary replacement vehicle.

Legal action

The man filed a lawsuit before the Civil Lower Court, seeking redress for the damages suffered.

An expert report provided compelling evidence, stating that the car’s interior lacked seats, upholstery, and internal door decorations, with various components disassembled.

The report estimated the value of the work completed by the car accessories shop, excluding the car’s painting, to be approximately BD300.

Consequently, the amount owed to the plaintiff, after deducting the completed work, totalled BD2,350.

The court ruled in favour of the plaintiff, ordering the car decoration shop to reimburse him BD2,300, along with an additional interest rate of 0.5% from filing the lawsuit until full payment.

Furthermore, the court held the shop responsible for the lawsuit’s expenses and awarded appropriate compensation for both material and moral damages.