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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

Winter’s greenery paints Bahrain, but maintaining it needs work beyond seasonal shifts. Enter Bahrain’s ‘green vision’, with rooftop gardening blossoming across urban areas!

From barren to booming

Retired physiotherapist Eman Shaker, once limited by space and sun, now flourishes on her rooftop farm.

“Moving everything was intimidating, but now it’s my haven!” she beams, nurturing new seeds even between seasons. Marketing whiz Ahmed AlHayki started with a single pepper seedling.

“YouTube became my teacher,” he smiles, his rooftop now boasting veggies and even fruit trees. Both transformed their once “dead space” into vibrant life.

Growing beyond backyards

The UN and Bahrain’s government are teaming up to make cities greener, healthier places. “Rooftop farming improves air quality, combats heat, and offers urban residents a green escape,” explains Dr. Fernanda Lonardoni, Head of UN-Habitat Bahrain.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) also supports Bahrain’s “National Afforestation Plan” to green its urban areas.

“We encourage sustainable agriculture for a greener future,” says Lonardoni.

Your green thumb adventure awaits!

A recent UN survey found 40% of Bahraini home gardeners use their rooftops! This weekend, ditch the houseplants and join the rooftop revolution.

Transform your unused space, breathe cleaner air, and enjoy the fruits (and veggies!) of your labour. Get inspired by Shaker and AlHayki, and let your green thumb take flight!

Ready to dig in?

The National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD) is providing guidance and resources for beginners. For expert tips and tricks, check out online tutorials and communities.

Start small, experiment, and most importantly, have fun growing your own urban oasis!


Dr Fernanda Lonardoni


Ahmed AlHayki’s rooftop


Turning ‘green vision’ into reality


Turning ‘green vision’ into reality