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Bahrain police arrest school teacher for sexually molesting students

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Bahrain police arrested a government school teacher for allegedly molesting several minor students, including a seven-year-old boy, in the parking lot of a mall.

The Deputy Chief of the Bahrain Family and Children’s Prosecution said legal actions are being initiated and an investigation is ongoing.

Prosecutors opened an investigation about the shocking incident, after receiving a report on the suspect from the Northern Governorate Police Directorate.

The seven-year-old confided to his parents that his teacher used to touch him inappropriately and misbehave with him while they were at the mall's parking lot.

The parents told police officers that the incident occurred when the boy went for an outing with the teacher with their consent.

The accused, a Bahraini national, taught at the victims’ school, said the Deputy Chief.

Prosecutors said they found DNA traces of the accused on the victim’s private parts and clothing, consistent with the victim’s statements and the accused’s confession.

The report also mentions that full sexual contact is not confirmed. If convicted, the victim faces a penalty of up to life imprisonment.

The court will hear the case on January 30. In conjunction with the case, prosecutors are also investigating reports of sexual assault suffered by other students by the suspect at the school.

One of the child’s guardians confirmed that the accused assaulted the kid in several places by touching and groping, which was later proven through a medical examination.

Investigators said they have recorded complaints from other victims too, who all narrated grisly accounts of the sexual abuse they suffered from the same suspect.

Police said they are investigating complaints from four other children at the same school where the suspect is working.

Prosecutors have spoken to the victims and found that the suspect abused them through acts of touching and groping.

Based on the complaint by the student, prosecutors said they had registered a case against the teacher under various sections.