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Bahrain stops issuing new licences for taxi services

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The total number of taxi licences in Bahrain has reached 1,415, with 67% allocated to individuals and 33% to companies. The Transportation and Telecommunications Minister, HE Mohamed bin Thamer Al Kaabi, revealed this.

He stated that the ministry is currently not issuing any new licences for taxi services. However, it allows the trading of licences through public auctions or direct sales via the “Mazad” company.                                                                

Meanwhile, Al Kaabi hinted at the existence of studies indicating the market demand for taxi services in Bahrain. This was in response to a parliamentary question submitted by MP Dr. Hisham Al Asheri regarding taxi licenses in Bahrain.

In further details, the ministry affirmed its commitment to continue regulating and developing various transportation systems, ensuring the provision of quality and efficient services in line with sustainable development goals.                                                

According to the ministry’s data from last November, the number of taxi licences reached 1,415, including 945 licences for individuals, 406 licences for companies, and 64 licences for ride-hailing services, which are also licenced for companies.

As for the number of licenced companies, there are eight, three of which operate with taxi licences, and five licenced for ride-hailing services. It is worth noting that 968 licenses are held by Bahrainis, while 477 licenses are owned by companies.

The ministry confirmed that though it is currently not issuing any new licences for taxi services, it allows the trading of cards through public auctions.