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Bahrain woman ordered to vacate ‘unlawfully acquired’ former husband’s property

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A woman in Bahrain has been ordered to vacate a property she unlawfully acquired after her divorce from her ex-husband. The court confirmed that she had been renting out an attached annexe and using the property's facilities without the owner's consent.

The court concluded that the property rightfully belonged to the plaintiff and ordered the defendant to vacate it, as she had forcefully taken possession.

The plaintiff's lawyer argued that the defendant had no legal right or basis and that she had wrongfully assumed ownership of the property and benefited from it by renting out the annexe and using the facilities.

The court highlighted that the property owner has the right to use, exploit, and dispose of it within the boundaries of the law. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit seeking the eviction of the defendant, who wrongfully occupied the property after the termination of their marital relationship without any factual or legal support.

The court ordered her expulsion from the plaintiff's property due to usurpation and mandated her to cover the expenses incurred due to her actions.