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Two doctors face sentencing in Bahrain for tragic medical error resulting in young man’s death

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Two doctors are set to be sentenced in a legal storm following a medical error that led to the untimely death of a young man during a gastric sleeve operation. The Lower Criminal Court of Bahrain is set to deliver the verdict on December 28, marking a crucial moment in a case that has shaken the medical community and left a family grieving.

The Attorney General intervened in the penultimate session, asserting that the evidence presented by the Public Prosecution leaves no room for doubt regarding the guilt of the accused physicians. The prosecution emphasized the defendants' disregard for human life and their failure to provide necessary medical care. Maximum penalties have been urged, emphasizing the immense pain and distress inflicted upon the victim's family.


A consultant doctor testified that a GCC doctor erred in admitting a victim to the hospital despite post-operative pain. The doctor's failure to prescribe antibiotics led to the victim's death due to a failure to diagnose and implement necessary measures. The Public Prosecution has referred the doctors to criminal trial for allegations of violating professional standards and negligence in medical care.

The deceased's father claimed the death was due to a medical mistake during gastric bypass surgery. Investigations involved examination of the body, seizure of medical files, and statements from the father and medical staff.


A forensic doctor was appointed by the Public Prosecution to conduct an autopsy on a deceased's body, while the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) reviewed the medical procedures.

The NHRA evaluated compliance with medical standards and scrutinized a medical error attributed to one doctor. The trial serves as a reminder of the consequences of medical professionals deviating from their principles, leaving families devastated and seeking justice for their loved ones' losses.