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Call for action as First Deputy Speaker of Bahrain Parliament allegedly ‘disrespected colleagues’

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MP Khalid Saleh Buanaq, the spokesman for the Strategic Thinking Bloc, has accused First Deputy Speaker Abdulnabi Salman Ahmed of violating the parliamentary code of conduct. Salman's allegedly disrespectful behaviour towards colleagues during parliamentary sessions has led the Strategic Thinking Bloc to call for legal measures outlined in the Bahraini Parliament's internal regulations.

Buanaq criticised Salman's attempts to belittle and engage in verbal confrontations with fellow MPs, using inappropriate language. He emphasised that Salman's behaviour contradicts his responsibilities as a senior member and goes against expected conduct for a leadership position within the Council.

Buanaq praised Parliament Speaker Ahmed bin Salman Al Musallam and referred to Article 195 of the internal regulations, which mandates members to respect constitutional institutions, maintain decorum, and show respect towards colleagues and the Council's speaker.

Dignity and prestige

Furthermore, Buanaq pointed to Article 63 of the Council’s internal regulations, emphasising that “MPs must express their opinions and viewpoints while preserving the dignity and prestige of the constitutional institutions in the state, as well as the dignity of the Council, its speaker, and its members.”

According to Buanaq, the actions of the First Deputy Speaker blatantly violated these provisions on multiple occasions. “The Speaker of the Parliament must take decisive action to prevent such behaviour from recurring and ensure that these inappropriate practises do not become an accepted norm within the Council’s chambers,” Buanaq asserted.

Brewing controversy

The Strategic Thinking Bloc’s call for action brings to light a brewing controversy within the Parliament, shedding light on the need for accountability and adherence to established norms.

As the allegations against Salman unfold, all eyes are now on the Speaker of Parliament and the internal regulatory mechanisms to address and rectify the situation, preserving the integrity of the parliamentary proceedings.