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Bahrain Shura approves Telemedicine Law for more accessible and convenient medical care

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Bahrain’s Shura Council has made a groundbreaking move by giving the green light to a proposed law on remote healthcare, marking a significant step toward the imminent integration of telemedicine services in the nation.

This pivotal move is expected to revolutionize the healthcare landscape in Bahrain, making it more accessible, convenient, and inclusive for individuals across the nation. The proposed law, championed by Shura Council members Dr. Jameela Mohammed Redha Al Salman, Dr. Jihad Abdullah Al Fadhel, Dr. Ibtesam Mohammed Saleh Al Dallal, Mr. Ali Abdullah Al Aradi, and Ms. Hala Ramzi Fayez, envisions a future where individuals can access medical consultations, diagnoses, treatment prescriptions, progress monitoring, and symptom observation remotely, utilizing the power of technology to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, particularly in underserved or remote areas.

Dr. Salman, a leading advocate for telemedicine, underscored the potential of remote healthcare to transform the way healthcare is delivered in Bahrain. “This proposal,” she asserted, “enables the provision of medical consultations, diagnosis of health conditions, prescription of appropriate treatments, monitoring of patient progress, observation of symptoms and treatment side effects, as well as the request and discussion of medical tests and their results.”

Strong commitment

The Shura Council’s unanimous decision to approve the consideration of the proposed law signals a strong commitment to embracing technological advancements to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality. The proposal’s reception by the Council underscores the recognition of telemedicine’s potential to revolutionize the healthcare landscape, making it more inclusive and convenient for individuals across Bahrain.