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HRH Prince Salman sets out Bahrain’s position on Israel-Palestine conflict at Manama Dialogue

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His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, stressed the need to release hostages as a prerequisite for a pause in hostilities, and called for the full implementation of international law to ensure access to humanitarian aid for the Gazan people.

HRH Prince Salman delivered a keynote address yesterday at the 19th edition of the Manama Dialogue, the Middle East’s premier security and defence conference. During his address, he reiterated Bahrain’s condemnation of Hamas’ 7 October attacks, and Israel’s retaliation, which has resulted in the death of 11,000 Gazans and left many more living in an intolerable situation without access to basic necessities such as electricity, running water, and medical care.

His Royal Highness also set out the conditions necessary for ‘breaking the cycle of violence,’ a feat that will only be made possible through the release of innocents and non-combatants. HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister emphasised the importance of a two-state solution that respects the rights of the Palestinian people to achieve lasting peace, underlining the need for international leadership, particularly from the United States.

HRH Prince Salman said, “Let me be extremely clear on what matters to the Kingdom of Bahrain. There must be no forced displacement of Palestinians in Gaza, now or ever. There must be no reoccupation of Gaza. There must be no reduction in Gaza’s territory. And on the other side, there must be no terrorism directed from Gaza against the Israeli public. Those are the red lines.”


He stressed that in the aftermath of conflict, elections must be delivered to offer the Palestinian people a strong and unified leadership. This process must be led by an interlocutor and partner who can broker an end to violence and deliver the prospect of a viable and independent Palestinian state that will also guarantee security and stability for its neighbour, Israel.

In conclusion, HRH Prince Salman asserted that military conflict should not be the ultimate solution, emphasising the critical role of diplomacy and international law in resolving conflicts and preventing global violence. He noted that if the world does not work across all political lines to make sure that the voice of reason is heard, it risks creating conditions for acts of violence to spread globally.