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Fake employment contracts exposed in Tamkeen report

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A private company owner accused of engaging in fraudulent activities involving Bahrain's Labour Fund, Tamkeen, has been sentenced to six months behind bars along with a fine of BD500.

The Public Prosecution announced earlier that it had received a report from Tamkeen, shedding light on a series of fictitious employment contracts orchestrated by the accused.

According to the report, the accused cunningly attributed these fabricated contracts to a group of his own employees, subsequently registering them in Tamkeen’s wage subsidy programme.

This deceptive manoeuvre enabled the accused to syphon off an astonishing sum totalling BD10,290 in subsidised wages from the Fund, exploiting the very contracts he had concocted.


Promptly launching an investigation upon receipt of the report, the Public Prosecution diligently pursued testimonies from witnesses, including Tamkeen’s responsible employee, who divulged the fraudulent tactics employed by the accused to manipulate the Fund and illicitly secure undeserved financial support.

In light of these revelations, the Public Prosecution urgently requested the involvement of the Anti-Economic Crimes Department at the Ministry of Interior to thoroughly examine the circumstances and intricacies of this grave offence. Following a comprehensive interrogation, the accused admitted to the charges levelled against him.

Initially detained pending the investigation, the accused’s detention was later replaced with an alternative measure, obliging him to regularly report to the competent security department until the conclusion of the ongoing investigations. Substantial and conclusive evidence presented against the accused has led the prosecution to order his referral for trial.