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Talks on Bahrain-US commercial and investment opportunities

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Shaikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the US, engaged in a round-table dialogue session during his visit to the State of Oklahoma.

The session brought together Mr. Blaine Arthur, Minister of Agriculture for the State of Oklahoma, and focused on discussing the commercial and investment advantages enjoyed by Bahrain.

During his speech, the Ambassador highlighted the benefits of the American Free Trade Area, which prioritiaes American companies and strengthens commercial, industrial, and economic cooperation between the two countries.

He also emphasised the investment opportunities available in the region, particularly those aimed at enhancing food security. Senior representatives from the US food industries participated in the dialogue session and praised the close relations between Bahrain and the US across various sectors.

They commended Bahrain’s efforts in achieving sustainable development goals and its commitment to achieving Zero neutrality by 2060, aligning with the United Nations’ objectives. The Ambassador expressed gratitude to the session participants and hailed the fruitful results of his visit to Oklahoma.