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Unique ancient Arab coins exhibition ongoing at Bahrain National Museum

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka  

The Bahrain National Museum is currently hosting an exhibition of ancient coins that reflect the history of Arabia, and many visitors who are interested in it are pouring into the venue.

In collaboration with Bahrain’s archaeology and cultural authorities, numismatic expert and founder of Arados Auctions Mohamed AlAradi created this exhibition to highlight the history of ancient Arab coins.

One of the important ancient coins on display in the exhibition are the coins of Arabia Felix and Al Aradi, as they discussed the significance of these in an interview.

According to AlAradi, Arabs were key players in the region, and they were called different names in ancient scripts, like Hajirits (descendants of Hajr the Mother of Ishamel son of Ibrahem the Prophet), Ishmaelites (as in descendants of Prophet Ishmael son of Prophet Ibrahem), Saracens, and more.

In 24 AD, Emperor Augustus was convinced by Roman merchants that the Yemeni kingdoms had a lot to offer, including gold and silver.

This made Augustus assemble an army that sailed from Egypt to Najran (modern Saudi Arabia) and then a nomad called Saleh from the Nabateans (an Arab kingdom whose capital was Petra, Jordan, from 169 BC to 106 AD). Saleh was none other than the second minister of King Obados.

Saleh was supposed to lead the Romans to Arabia Felix (modern Yemen); however, he misled the army on purpose to avoid getting Yemen conquered.

This Roman army was destroyed by hunger, disease, and thirst, and this was the only Roman march at that time to Arabia Felix. The coins of Arabia Felix can be found in the exhibition daily from 8 am to 8 pm (except Tuesday) at the Bahrain National Museum.