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One Heart Bahrain extends aid to struggling workers in Sitra

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

Workers who made headlines recently by protesting against months of unpaid wages received much-needed support from One Heart Bahrain, a charitable organisation, to alleviate their immediate needs.

The organisation has supplied the workers at the Sitra camp with a week’s worth of groceries, besides giving them moral support.

The Daily Tribune reported that over 340 employees of a well-known construction company initiated a protest, demanding their pending wages, which span up to five months.


Recognising the gravity of the situation, Birthe, the founder of One Heart Bahrain, said they would need broader assistance to address the workers’ food requirements, despite the camp providing accommodation, electricity, cooking gas, and transportation facilities.

Birthe stated, "As per the cold store owner’s information, the workers currently owe approximately 20,000 BD to the store, and they will no longer be able to sustain this debt."


Highlighting the dire circumstances, she added, "We are now offering counselling, mentoring, and coaching services, as we have observed that these individuals are under extreme stress." She elaborated, "The strain they face can also have adverse effects on their physical well-being, as we have received reports of people fainting and collapsing."

"Tragically, one young man lost his life as a result of these challenging conditions."

Through their assistance initiatives, One Heart Bahrain said it aims to provide immediate relief and support to the protesting workers, addressing both their basic needs and their mental health concerns.