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Bahrain police arrest car arsonist in record time

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In a dramatic turn of events, Bahraini police arrested a 21-year-old arsonist within an hour of him setting fire to a parked car in a residential neighbourhood.

Thanks to the swift action of the Criminal Investigation Police at the General Departments of Investigation and Criminal Evidence, the suspect was caught red-handed and taken into custody without incident.

According to authorities, the suspect had a personal dispute with the car owner and had deliberately set fire to the vehicle as an act of revenge. The crime was reported immediately, and the police sprang into action, opening an investigation and gathering evidence from the scene and nearby surveillance footage.

Police said they identified the suspect soon and were hot on his heels. Using a combination of intelligence, technology, and teamwork, the police were able to apprehend the suspect within a record time of one hour.

During the interrogation, the suspect confessed to his crime and revealed the motive behind it. The police have taken the necessary legal measures to refer the case to Public Prosecution.