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Bahrain boy build 7,500-brick Star Wars Millennium Falcon in a week!

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Report by Julia Cassano

It has to be done one block at a time, as there is no other way.

Still, it has changed the lives of thousands of children around the world and kept several people young even as they grew.

In Bahrain, Vedant, an 11-year-old Indian boy, too has a similar tale to tell.

He told The Daily Tribune that his life changed thanks to a Lego set he received as a birthday gift when he was just five.


“After building my first set, there was no turning back.” And today, He is exhibiting his latest creation—a 7,500-brick Star Wars Millennium Falcon set.

That stunning set and similar works are on display at the “Visual Translations” art expo ongoing at The Daily Tribune office in Mcindeez Tower in Umm Al Hasam.

The set, organizers said, is a big draw for people visiting the expo, which opens its doors daily until Tuesday.

Asked about the Falcon set, Vedant told The Daily Tribune that the project, even though it looked simple, was not an easy job. Vedant said he finished the project in a week and used about 7,500 Lego bricks.

“Although it looks simple, I had to concentrate hard and put my skills to the test to complete it.” “The key here is sticking to the instructions.

If you miss a step or make a mistake, dismantling and rebuilding is the only option.”

In the end, in about seven days, the 11-year-old Vedant had a unique and stunning work of art made from 7,500 Lego bricks before him. Vedant said he aimed to do the Falcon set for a long time, and “it was like a dream come true” when it was done.

When asked about the time invested, he said it mostly depends on the number of blocks in the set and its complexity. He explained: “There are different Legos, such as conventional and Technic Legos."


" The models with 50-100 pieces may need 1-2 hours for completion.

“However, the Millennium Falcon set, I built had 7,500 pieces.” Asked how he found his passion for Legos, Vedant said it all started with a birthday gift.

“That small Lego set sparked in me an interest in assembling." In the beginning, I toiled with jigsaw puzzles.

“As the passion grew, I moved on to bigger projects.” Till now, Vedant and his twin brother Yatharth, have assembled over 60 different Lego sets.


“Once I found this hobby, I became engrossed with the building aspect of the sets."

This motivated me to assemble more and create this collection with my twin brother. As their friends chose to play outside, Vedant said he and his brother would sit for hours building, focused on each step.

Vedant said this improved his focus, concentration, and patience.

It boosted my self-confidence, as the feeling of self-accomplishment is unique.

The passion has paved the way for Vedant and Yatharth to open their own Youtube channel, “V and Y Fun Lab."

They had on their channel various videos of their Legos, the process of building them, and musical instruments.