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Bahrain adds 100 MW boost to solar dreams

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Bahrain has long punched above its weight in the region on its push to diversify its economy and energy mix. A bold move in this scenario was the 5% renewable energy target Bahrain sees in its energy mix by 2025 and 10% by 2035.

This target comes as oil continues to provide about 70% of government revenue while Bahrain witnessing a 6% annual growth in power demand. But not for long, says EWA, which is fast establishing new innovative projects for a bright solar future.

The latest, in this regard, is a 100-megawatt Independent Power Producer Solar photovoltaic (PV). The Electricity and Water Authority plans to establish this project, which could power more than 17,000 homes on average and offset approximately 170.43 million kg of CO2 annually, on a two-square-kilometre remediated site at Askar landfill.

EWA has launched a request for proposals from interested parties, “who may be a single entity or an arrangement”, to remediate the landfill site. Reportedly, the municipal solid waste landfill will reach its capacity in the next few years.

Plans are also on the anvil for a new landfill in the Kingdom, which produces around 2 million tonnes of waste every year.

Tender for solar project soon

Upon completion of site remediation, EWA will launch another tender for developing the 100 MW solar plant.

EWA and the MOFNE are jointly working on the project. The tender also calls for studying the feasibility of establishing a gas collection system, leachate collection system, and air quality monitoring system to ensure the site readiness for the solar project.

Leachate occurs when rainwater filters through wastes placed in a landfill. When this liquid comes in contact with buried wastes, it leaches or draws out chemicals or constituents from those wastes.

“Converting this landfill site to a solar farm capable of producing 100 MW is one of the many steps the country hopes to execute to realise the objective of bringing carbon emission in Bahrain to net zero by 2060,” Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, EWA President, said.

Works scheduled

The tender says the project involves site remediation and studies, including permitting process and a list of associated studies.

The tender scope also includes site investigation to meet the required performance specification and environment monitoring of the landfill site at agreed intervals until 12 months following the completion of the site remediation.

Three stages

The project procurement, according to EWA, will be conducted in three stages. Accordingly, authorities will assess bids against Minimum Eligibility Requirements, while pre-qualified bidders will get further evaluated in line with RFP requirements.

In the third phase, EWA will award an EPC contract for Land remediation. Interested companies could download the tender documents from

Bids should reach the tender board with BD5,000 initial bond and BD100 tender fees before the 23rd of October 2022. The closing date of the tender is the 13th of November 2022.