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Do stop anxiety from messing up daily life!

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An anxiety awareness event under the theme ‘Not all wounds are visible’ was held yesterday at The Avenues under the patronage of Dr Ibtisam Fakhro, Chairperson of the Family Practice Residency Programme.

The event organised by Dr Noor Al Khawaja and Dr Hanan Matar, both Family Practice Residency Programme residents, focussed on improving the mental health of individuals amidst anxiety and stress becoming commonplace.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), anxiety and depression have been one of the leading causes of concern and this has led to the inclusion of mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15-29-yearolds. People with severe mental health conditions die prematurely – as much as two decades early – due to preventable physical conditions. Despite progress in some countries, people with mental health conditions often experience severe human rights violations, discrimination, and stigma,” the WHO observes.

Speaking to The Daily Tribune, Dr Ibtisam said mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression can be effectively cured with medical help. “Mental wellness is something we must take very seriously. No one should shy away from consulting doctors if suffering from any mental health issues. Stress and anxiety are stumbling blocks in the path towards success in any individual’s life and it can only be addressed with active support from family and friends.”

Highlighting the need for awareness programmes, Dr Ibtisam said such events are vital in boosting the awareness to tackle anxiety and depression, especially among the youth. Dr Noor, one of the organisers of the event, said anxiety has become a common condition, which needs to be addressed for the welfare of society.

“Raising awareness is one of the most important steps. We have trained doctors here who can advise patients on dealing with anxiety and depression.” She said some amount of anxiety is normal in everyone’s life.

“But if that persists and interferes with daily life, it becomes a mental health disorder, which can adversely affect social and professional life. Anxiety can be treated with either cognitive medical therapy or through medication. A combination of both is also opted by some doctors.”

Dr Hanan said no individual should overwhelm himself or herself with things that could create anxiety. “Other ways to address anxiety and stress include engaging in activities that offer relaxation such as reading books, listening to music, doing yoga and other breathing exercises, meditation and spending time with good friends.”

She added that performing exercises are also the best remedy for anxiety and stress as that would boost the levels of the happy hormone Dopamine in the body system. Dr Yusuf AlTahoo, one of the event contributors, said anxiety and stress are conditions that must be dealt with utmost seriousness.

“Anxiety and stress could lead to chronic conditions including heart diseases in the longer run. We believe such events are highly necessary and are looking forward to hosting more events in this line to boost awareness on mental health issues.”

Dr Hasan Almosawi, ViceHead of Sahabt Amal Volunteering Team, said the event aims to send a message to society that seeking medical help is important for individuals suffering from anxiety and stress.

“Persistent anxiety can lead to depression. So getting the condition treated in the initial stages is of great significance. Our lives are full of anxieties and stress and we must always make sure that they don’t exceed the normal levels as mental health is one of the foremost pillars of wellness.”


Dr Hasan Almosawi


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