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Philippine Embassy vaccination programme in full swing in Bahrain

TDT | Manama

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The Philippine Embassy continues to encourage members of the Filipino community in the Kingdom of Bahrain to get vaccinated for their own protection and the safety of all.

It is part of the Embassy’s vaccination programme called “Bakuna Para Kay Juan at Juana” to support the government’s national vaccination campaign against coronavirus (COVID-19).

The vaccination programme was launched on 12 June as part of the Embassy’s Kalayaan 2021 celebration where 204 individuals had received their first dose.

A big number of undocumented Filipino expatriates have already registered to have their vaccination at the Sitra Mall Vaccination Center and more are expected to heed the call of the Embassy. Besides having the protection against COVID-19, the “Bakuna Para Kay Juan at Juana” programme also aims to provide undocumented Filipinos with a fighting chance in their quest to find employment in the Kingdom.

The green shield or proof of having received the complete dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is now one of the primary requirements of prospective employers in hiring a worker.

The Embassy advises those who were vaccinated during the first batch of the vaccination programme but were not able to get their second dose last Friday, to proceed to Al Hoora Health Centre in Manama to complete their vaccination shot.

Last week, a total of 151 undocumented overseas Filipinos received their second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at Sitra Mall. Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain Alfonso A.

Ver, together with other Embassy officials and staff, were also present during the event to guide the recipients of the programme and assist them in their registration with the BeAware app of the Kingdom.

They were also reminded to follow required health protocols despite receiving the complete dose of the vaccine.

Together with the second shot, the 151 individuals are now able to register in the comprehensive BeAware health app and avail of all features of the app including an electronic vaccination certificate “green shield”) which is required for entry into office buildings, government institutions, malls, restaurants, schools, among others.