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UN hails Bahrain’s ratification of corrective justice law for children

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His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s commitment towards furthering Bahrain’s compliance with international conventions of human rights received a slew of appreciations yesterday from top UN officials.

Appreciating Bahrain’s action in protecting the Children were Mohamed El Zarkani, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Roueida El Hage, the regional representative of OHCHR, Dr Hatem Aly, the UNODC Representative for the Gulf region, and Eltayeb Adam, the UNICEF Representative to the Gulf Area.

“Momentous step” El Zarkani called the ratification and issuance of the Corrective Justice Law for Children by Bahrain as a “momentous step” showcasing commitment towards furthering compliance with international conventions on human rights, warranting restorative justice, and safeguarding the lives of children from mistreatment.

What the law says Law 4/2021 guarantees children restorative justice, care and protection from ill-treatment and gives top priority in all rulings, decisions and procedures related to them.

The law calls for establishing “Child Corrective Justice Courts” to examine crimes committed by children aged over 15 at the time of the crime.

The law also outlines the establishment of a Childhood Judicial Committee, a Child Protection Centre, and the penalties for inciting or coercing children to commit crimes, prepare them for that, or assist them.

Best interest of the child Roueida El Hage said the adoption of the law keeps the best interest of the child above all.

“The law included provision upholding the benefit of the child as per the recommendation of international human rights law, in particular, that only the measures of the penalties in the corrective justice law can be applied before military courts when military jurisdiction is evoked.” Progressive justice Dr Hatem All said, “The law is the outcome of an extensive process of consultations with multiple national and international stakeholders.”

He said, “UNODC stands ready to continue engaging with the government and implementing our joint capacity-building programmes for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.”

Eltayeb Adam said the emphasis on restorative justice and the best interests of the children at all times “shows the intent on the part of Bahrain for progressive justice reforms.”


Mohammed El-Zarqani, the United Nations Resident Coordinator


Roueida El Hage, the United Nations Resident Coordinator


Eltayeb Adam, the UNICEF Representative to the Gulf Area


Dr Hatem Aly, the regional representative of OHCHR