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Follow COVID-19 measure strictly: Public Security’s Shaikh Hamad

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The Daily Tribune –

Adhere strictly to COVID-19 health measures to help Bahrain bring down its caseloads, a top public security official yesterday urged Bahraini citizens and residents.

“All must follow the instructions issued by the National Medical team to curb the spread of the virus,” said Brigadier-General Dr Shaikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa, the Public Security Assistant Chief for Operations and Training Affairs.

He also stressed the importance of “staying at home” and going out only for urgent needs.

Bahrain is currently battling a renewed increase in cases by extending the COVID-19 restrictions introduced earlier this month by 21 more days.

Indoor gyms, sports halls and swimming pools will remain closed and social gatherings in homes to be limited to up to 30 people until 14 March.

Dr Shaikh Hamad said that it is mandatory to wear face masks and ensure social distancing measures while in a public setting.

“Until now, the Ministry of Interior has recorded 49,321 cases for not wearing face masks in public places and shops, and 8,198 for not maintaining social distancing measures,” said Dr Sheikh Hamad.

The ministry, Dr Shaikh Hamad said, carried out 5,863 awareness campaigns until this Thursday, in addition to carrying out 186,535 disinfection and sterilisation campaigns.

Perform PCR test 72 hours before travelling to UK TDT | Manama Bahrainis arriving in England, Wales and Northern Ireland should self-isolate for ten days, the Embassy of Bahrain in the United Kingdom tweeted.

The new norms are for travellers coming from countries outside the ‘red list’ including Bahrain, the embassy wrote on its official Twitter account.

All travellers must book and pre-pay for COVID-19 test kits by visiting the link (

The kits are for use during the mandatory quarantine on the second and eighth day of arrival.

Passengers arriving directly into Scotland must book hotels via the website

Stay should be for ten days from the date of arrival.

Besides, all travellers arriving in the United Kingdom must undergo a pre-examination for COVID-19 virus (PCR) no later than 72 hours before departure.

Passengers are also required to fill out a “passenger locator form” through the online page designated for this by the British government.