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Maintain your fences well or face action from Capital Municipality

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The Daily Tribune –   

The Capital municipality has kick-started a campaign to identify properties with dilapidated fences - a violation by Bahraini law.

The Director-General of the Capital Municipality Al-Muhtadas Muhammad Saad Al-Sahli said the municipality had formed a team to identify all such violating properties in the capital.

The team has started notifying the owners of such properties in the capital to correct the violations.

The campaign, Al Sahli said, aims at preserving the general characteristics of the structures in the area.

He pointed out that the shabby state of the structures is mainly due to negligence.

“It ruins the visual harmony and aesthetic appearance of the area.” “Such structures may also lead to catastrophic accidents endangering lives and property,” he said. Al Sahli made clear that if the owners fail to take up the work, the municipality will take over and charge the owners for the expenses incurred. “For this, the municipality will file civil lawsuits.”

The Director-General said that Article (14) of the Public Road Works Law promulgated by Decree-Law No. (2) of 1996 authorises the municipality to remove violations by administrative methods at the expense of the violators.

Al Sahli called on property owners to renovate structures on their properties, including fencing, befitting the general appearance of the capital and ensuring the safety of passers-by and visitors.