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When puppets talk, children listen

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Bahrain education system is pursuing creative ways to enrich students’ learning experience.

The latest innovation is a puppet. 

Teacher Haya Salem is utilising the potential of puppets as a pedagogical tool to change the classroom forever. 

Al- Orouba Primary Girls school is where puppets are in charge of opening the young minds to the amazing world of knowledge and learning.

Salem uses the puppet without an actual theatre, stage or script. 

For example, she uses the puppet to ask children questions and then discuss it with them. 

Result: Entire classroom got buzzing with creative and critical thinking and curiosity. 

“One of the strategies we follow is to show students pre-shot videos explaining part of the lesson, where students also take a role. 

The puppets will jump into action to introduce or conclude a lesson in a fun-filled way. 

“We use distinctive dolls to engage students and help them develop emotionally, and grow their language and communication skills.” 

Virtual classrooms, Salem said, also allowed developing teachers’ skills with the help of technology.  

“Thanks to frequent practising and learning, we are now able to continue online classes, despite the extraordinary circumstances.” 

“The technology is mostly used to display videos and images that illustrate the concepts clearly and effectively.

Games likes Padlet, Quizalize, Microsoft forms, Wordwall are also employed.”

On student’s interaction, she said, “It was impressive, in terms of the race to raise their hands to participate in the classes.”

“There is a sporting spirit between them to win the competitions, and I am always keen to implement activities that target all students to increase competition and the opportunity to interact.”

“On the other hand, I am keen on giving equal participation opportunities to all my students.” “Among all, there is no chaos or obstruction to the lesson.

The quota laws have contributed to support this aspect.