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Innovative motivational projects work wonders for Henaniya School students

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Al Henaniya Primary Girls School has implemented many innovative motivational projects that are compatible with the new educational programmes for those who choose distance learning. They are within the principle of equal opportunities among students and aim to ensure that they help them quickly adapt to the changes resulting from the pandemic. They contribute to achieving academic achievements, language skills and leadership spirit.

Queen of Times project

The Queen of Times project aims to promote the personal development of female students and spread the culture of discipline in the school community, thus raising the percentage of female students’ attendance in virtual classes through their commitment to classroom activities for online learning.

The project and conditions for obtaining this title are announced through the virtual classes for students and teachers. A female student is nominated from each class at the end of each month. Female students who have obtained the title are announced through the Queen of Times project, and a certificate of appreciation is prepared for the students who win the title.

The program has contributed to the increase in the attendance rate of female students. The attendance rate at the beginning of the school year was 51% and rose to 79%, and the parents’ cooperation in implementing the Student Discipline Regulations also increased.

Spelling is fun

The project titled “My Fun Spelling” aims to develop reading, writing and conversational skills in the subjects of Arabic and English languages. It is presented in the weekly newsletter and applied during virtual lessons. Parents are acquainted with it as the project achieves great interaction between students who send copies with dictation through the educational portal in Arabic language.

I Read With My Mother project

The project titled “I Read With My Mother” aims to develop the skills of reading, writing and speaking in Arabic and English languages; instil confidence in students, and prepare them for the challenges of Arab reading. In addition, it aims to develop thought and distinguish between reality and imagination among students; emphasise the importance of reading for students’ parents; and encourage female guardians to read to their daughters.

Queen of Henaniya project

The Queen of Henaniya project is implemented every month to all schoolgirls. It aims to promote personal development and leadership roles, such as self-confidence, leadership, initiative, respect, cooperation, personal hygiene, adherence to classroom and school laws, attendance among students, and educational activities inside and outside the classroom.

The project has achieved an increase in the level of mastery among students, a higher rate of participation, and the satisfaction of teachers and parents. Due to the higher level of achievement of the students, their self-confidence has increased and their reading skill improved.

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