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Two fined BD70,000 in Bu Maher, Muharraq expropriation case


The Daily Tribune –

The Supreme Administrative Court ordered two people to pay a fine of BD70,000 to the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning in a case involving expropriation of assets.

Expropriation is the act of a government claiming privately owned property against the wishes of the owners, ostensibly to be used for the benefit of the overall public.

The decision forms part of a lawsuit against the expropriation of assets of Bu Maher in Muharraq by the ministry in 2006 for establishing a public facility in the area.

The current verdict follows a challenge filed in the court against the expropriation decision, which got rejected in the appeals court.

The court, in its final verdict, ordered the expulsion of the respondents from the appropriated property and obligated them to pay the fees and the other court expenses incurred by the ministry.

The move also took into consideration litigation filed against the two defendants demanding usufruct allowance for the period from October 2011 until the date of eviction.

In reaching the final verdict, the court also found that the ownership of the property subject to litigation was legally transferred to the plaintiff lawfully and per the provisions of Article 7 of the Real Estate Acquisition Law.