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Wanna do it online or in-person?

 TDT | Manama

Online or in-person classes? Private schools in the Kingdom have started approaching parents here with this question, according to an Albilad report. Schools want parents to choose the educational experience that best fit their needs for the 2020-’21 academic year. The report quoting communique sent to parents said that classes would run only for 3 hours.

However, some schools said they would hold classes for 4 hours, but lessons will on basic school subjects only. Activities like sports and music are banned, until further notice. Schools also informed parents that not any “student activities’ will be conducted or will have a morning break. Students are required to follow these instructions when they start their classes in September.

Some of the schools also told parents that they are putting in place health precautionary measures to ensure social distancing. The most prominent decision in this regard is “placing glass barriers on all study tables,” Albilad report said.

The schools are also mulling to reduce the number of student in each class to less than 12. Some of the schools had limited it further to 9 students per class. Schools have also clarified that there will be a 2-meter distance between tables in classrooms, as required by the Kingdom’s health authorities.