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Virtual ‘town hall’ for Northern Municipality

TDT | Manama

The Northern Municipality has allocated two hours every Wednesday for virtual communication with officials. “Citizens and residents will use the online opportunity from 10am to noon to discuss topics of interest, share their observations and views on services, present suggestions to enhance work, file complaints, and highlight their needs and expectations,” said the Municipality’s director general Lamya Al Fadhala.

The virtual “town hall” idea was generated by the need to ensure smooth communication in the challenging times caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) that limits personal contact. Heads of all sections will be alongside the director general to answer all queries by the people, who will need to sign up through a WhatsApp number for a booking , Al Fadhala added. Bahrain has witnessed a massive surge in the use of online meetings, sessions, lessons and services thanks to an outstanding infrastructure and advanced levels of knowledge in the use of virtual platforms.

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