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Coronavirus claims among Jaw inmates denied

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The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) denied yesterday allegations that there are inmates infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre at Jaw Prison.

NIHR chairperson Maria Khoury commented: “The visits that NIHR regularly makes to correction and rehabilitation centers and to detention centers are not new, but this time our visit to Jaw was to review the human rights and medical care provided to inmates within the precautionary measures taken by the centre’s management to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Bahrain.

“Following our assessment of the measures taken towards inmates and security men, I can say that the center’s management is dealing with the situation in accordance with the international standards recommended by the World Health Organisation to prevent the spread of the virus among inmates.”

A medical staff is available to provide medical care and necessary services, she added. “I confirm that there is no coronavirus case among the inmates and that everything rumored in this regard has no basis whatsoever on the ground,” she said.

Khoury added that she appreciated the measures taken by the center’s administration to comply with the standards to prevent the spread of the virus among inmates. “It is being done in a way that does not harm their rights and protects the health and safety of everyone,” she explained.

“I stress the need to avoid spreading baseless allegations, unsupported rumors and groundless news, especially during such critical times.” NIHR deputy chairperson Khalid Al Shaer said the precautionary measures followed by the centre’s management were ideal and followed internationally recognised standards. “The appropriate medical examinations are conducted for the inmates,” he said.

“Inmates can also make video calls in compensation for the regular visits that had been suspended as a precautionary measure to protect the health of all.” Those who seek information about the situation, need assistance or wish to report complaints, can avail of the hotline provided by the institution, he added.